ERASERHEAD original poster signed by DAVID LYNCH and JACK NANCE on linen


Yes, that’s right, an original poster for ERASERHEAD signed by director DAVID LYNCH and lead actor JACK NANCE. The inscription at the top with Jack Nance’s signature reads “To Thijs from Henry Spencer. Love To All Rotterdam”, Lynch added to his signature in the collar “1978”.

Here’s the story: Thijs Ockersen is a Dutch journalist and film event organizer. In 1978 he was in California. One of his tasks there was to acquire movies for screening at the International Rotterdam Film Festival. ERASERHEAD was shown at a few late evening dates for promotion of the film. Ockersen attended a screening and got into contact with both Nance (who played HENRY SPENCER of course) and Lynch. He got a poster that both signed with the expectation that the movie would screen at the IFFR as Ockersen would pitch the movie. This is the meaning of the inscription Love To All Rotterdam”. In the end it did not show as the festival’s director HUUB BALS saw no appeal in ERASERHEAD and ultimately did not buy it…..

So, a bit of interesting film history there and great provenance to boot. The poster had a chunk out of the bottom right corner and measures approximately 17×22″. It has been expertly restored by Dario Casadei of Vintage Movie Art in Vancouver. It was folded and had a few scratches.