REBELS, ROUSERS & POSEURS is back on with special guest JASON RINGENBERG July 15th!

ALAS, we have to postpone the in-house gig of Jason Ringenberg due to Corona. Stay tuned to this page, we hope to find a date sometime in the summer.

Fans of SICK SMELL OF SUCCESS: we have an exciting opening for our next exhibit, April 25th. Yes JASON RINGENBERG, the Godfather of Americana himself, will play an in-house gig as guest of honor at the opening of REBELS, ROUSERS AND POSEURS. An exhibit with movie posters exuding free honky tonk spirit and self-confident nous. It’s the art of standing tall!

Invitation / RSVP only!

Now here’s the thing. We are very lucky that Jason agreed to come to our little place. Still the SICK SMELL OF SUCCESS is a little place. We only can harbor a few of your lost souls. So if you want to join us, you’ll have to get on our waiting list. One week from the actual date we will inform you if you are one of the chosen few. We will also tell the actual time slot of the gig.

How to get on the list?

Email us: Are there any criteria to be chosen? Not really, but it helps if you are a) a friend of the gallery b) can show us proof of buying Jason’s latest record c) are prepared to offer us a little sponsoring.

3-step Plan

Now here’s our 3-step plan to enhance your chances and attend the ONLY TIME Jason plays Amsterdam this April:

1- go to and order a copy of STAND TALL! 2- contact me: and tell me you need to get in 3- like and love the heck out of MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. No matter what we post!


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