Bumperkleef poster

This week BUMPERKLEEF (directed by Lodewijk Crijns) premiered. It’s a small, fun genre movie. Reviews are generally very favorable and the movie seems to have a good word of mouth. Good thing really as the poster for the movie is seriously under par. When it screened at the AMSTERDAMNED festival in Kriterion there was an interesting Q&A about the level of darkness the director aspired to. Crijns stuck to his guns in saying that a dark movie does not have to be literally dark. He makes full use of the typical spatial layout of The Netherlands, its views, its light and colours. Here is where the poster goes horribly wrong. It is stuck in its brownness, its flatness and its horror cliche. This is not a poster for Hans, Robine, Trudy and Ed in Twente, this is a poster for Chernobyl.

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