It was in the air for a while, but now it’s inescapable. MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM will have to close at the Palmdwarsstraat 40. After losing (apparently literally) a few million euros the Council of Amsterdam decided to reduce the deficit by selling property rented out to small creatives. I don’t want to be too spiteful here, but i have to say the procedure was shameful, leaving the tenants in the dark for as long as possible. In the end we were not given a decent chance to acquire the property ourselves not getting the opportunity for first or even equalizing bid. I put up a bid that was close to uncomfortable, but turned out to be chancenlos. There’s no stopping big money.

Anyway time to rethink and refocus, but first to relocate. I will be busy finding alternative space, but don’t expect to return soon with a set up similar to the current gallery. I don’t have a leave date yet, so MIA will stay open for a few months, but you will have to excuse me for not doing exhibits n the near future. Events have caused a lack of my usual vim and vigour.

Is this the end of Rico?




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