Passion de Jeanne d'Arc StBW*2 Passion de Jeanne d'Arc StBW*7Yes, both PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC stills shown here are stolen.  I’m just about to recover from the Cingles du Cinema fair in Argenteuil last weekend and the ensuing flu attack. All in all it was a smaller, but fine meet with lovely people.

I sold quite a lot of stills and posters to quite a lot of people. All good. Some people at the fair wonder why I meticulously write up any sale of any poster or still including any production code or distinguishing mark. I do that of course because I’m first and foremost a collector and I keep a digital archive next to the actual stuff. Without writing it up, the digital and real archive won’t match. This of course takes a lot of time and when you are still living the “Flu-da Loca” frankly it’s a bitch. So when I first found out something was amiss, I checked several times if i had made a mistake or mislaid a few items.

Alas no, someone at the fair abused my trust and the trust of any seller to swipe at least these stills – I have to check my other more rare stills and don’t look forward to do that-. These stills for Dreyer’s PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC are rare, so they should arrest attention. Needless to say they are some of the best shots of the title in my collection.I post them here in full 300 dpi so you can really see the details. Please let me know if you come across them. Dear swiper, in the event that you mistakenly slipped them with your rightful gotten pile or indeed took them because you could not contain yourself and now feel bad about it, please send them anonymously to MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM, Palmdwarsstraat 40, 1015 HV Amsterdam. Those who attend the fair know that I like to take with me and show rare objects. Please don’t let me loose trust, so I still feel happy to do so in the future.



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