MEET YOUR FIXER! One day exhibit in BRAKKE GROND Saturday 19th 2015

The organizers of MEET YOUR MAKER asked MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM to dress the event for the day with a small exhibit. Of course I said yes as there is no space MIA won’t fill with posters given half a chance. It’s gonna be a challenge as I only have two hours and two very unforgiving walls to work with that are rock hard with a meter high acoustic panel smack in the middle.

MEET YOUR MAKER is an event to promote the Dutch and Belgian genre-scene organized by Schokkend Nieuws magazine and the Brussels Off Screen Film Fest. Come along, entry fee is 16 euro for the entire day, 10 for the evening programme. Click here for more info.

MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM is also at the event with a table full of genre posters and stills. There will be plenty stuff to fix your collecting needs. If you have acute collecting needs to be fulfilled before Christmas, email me or message through Facebook (MOVIE INK.) as I’m not able to take too much anti-depressants with me this time. I have a few high-end delicacies with me, but also some cheaper stuff like Belgian and fotobusta posters. For the total down and outs and gutterati there’s also the box of eurotrash and Tiroler porn.

Hope to meet you there!

Oh and before I forget. As I can’t be in two places at the same time, the gallery has limited opening hours Saturday 19th. I won’t be there, but between 2 to 5 PM Number One Son will take care of you.

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