Yes, it’s done! The dates for our final exhibits this year have been set. As it is 102 years ago Michelangelo Antonioni was born and it’s 48 years ago that BLOWUP was released our next exhibit is BLOW UP OF ALL PROPORTIONS. That makes a grand total of 150 years of remembering. Opening day will be Saturday October 11th, so don’t forget to mention THAT to your personal assistant. We’ll have lots of different styles for this title as well as more Antonioni and some interesting “referencing” posters or just plain plagiarism.

Saturday November 8th starts a very special exhibit as BRIDES, GROOMS AND OTHER MISUNDERSTANDINGS features a wide selection of posters that have nothing in common but their theme of weddings and honeymoons. Any reason why you ask? Not really, it’s just that my long suffering girl (her words, not mine) and I will be together for 30 years. Yes, you read it here first.

Okay, so that’s OCTOBER 11th: BLOW UP OF ALL PROPORTIONS and NOVEMBER 8th: BRIDES, GROOMS AND OTHER MISUNDERSTANDINGS. As usual more info will follow here.

Here’s a clip of BLOW UP with the only appearance of THE YARDBIRDS in a movie.




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