Life in the old dog yet

Ha! or woof! if you like. It’s been a bit quiet here. I haven’t had much inspiration to write or organize in the last months. Main reason for this is the continuing noise and darkness of building activities round here. We’ve had scaffolding here for months and it felt like years. However it seems to be  finished in our street and I’ve just returned from  holidays in lovely Denmark, so there’s light and space in the old head. It will be even older tomorrow as it’s my birthday. Any friend of mine or the gallery is welcome to stop by the gallery tomorrow and have a drink, let’s say from 4 PM onwards.

There have been some more additions to the webshop and that will continue. Also I’m happy to announce that we will have a new exhibit somewhere in the fall focusing on Michelangelo Antonioni’s BLOW-UP. The exact date has to be determined yet as it depends on an assignment I hope to have in the near future somewhere close to the lands of a 1000 and 1 nights.

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