Hello! it’s me again

The best movie poster place in Amsterdam can’t complain about lack of attention. After the small article in SCHOKKEND NIEUWS, BELLEOOG has posted two entries about MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM. For you who don’t know yet, BelleOog is Bas, a friend of mine, who is compiling a series of interviews in English with Dutch movie talent. Now I’m not saying I am movie talent, but I do my best to promote it. These two interviews were a try-out for the more ambitious interviews with Yorick van Wageningen and Martin Koolhoven.

Now before you are gonna watch these (if you are inclined to do so of course) I’ll have to stress that the interviews were taped the day after the opening of an exhibit and I was still a bit .. eh.. tender. Usually my eyes aren’t that tiny and I am not always stuck in sentences whilst trying to remember what the hell I was trying to say. In any case it can’t hurt to know a bit more about the best movie poster place in Amsterdam and “the man in it”. Cheers!


The links:


Gentle introduction to movie posters

Martin Koolhoven

Yorick van Wageningen

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