WALL FOR SALE! and coming events

Just 2 days left for the exhibit of THE WORLDWIDE CONTEXT OF THE MAGIC CENTRE. Sunday the WALL OF PROTEST is going down. As a NEW YEAR’s special the entire wall (which means all the posters on the wall, not the actual wall) is for sale for 5000 euros. Yes, just 5000 euros for a collection of some of the best protest posters of the last century.

For a quick glance check the picture gallery on THIS blogpost. This is a limited offer expiring Saturday January 18th 2014.


From Saturday December 27th to January 24th there’ll be the traditional WILD WILD WINTER SALE. You don’t need 5000 euros for this. Prices start at 5. Keep an eye on the site for events and special offers.


Our next exhibit will be around February. It will be a merry unpretentious affair based on the theme of “WEDDINGS”. More info will follow of course.

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