The Worldwide Context of the Magic Centre

From Friday November 29th we have a different exhibit on show, quite different as a matter of fact. MOVIE★INK. AMSTERDAM is joining forces with several other venues for the AMSTERDAM MAGIC CENTRE event organized by De Cult Club focusing on the PROVO-movement. For the event MOVIE★INK. AMSTERDAM and Cine Qua Non provide a few posters for the main venue in the NRC building at the Rokin. Cine Qua Non will show psychedelic music posters and at MOVIE★INK. AMSTERDAM I will build and show a multi-layered poster collage of international political posters together with posters of political films of that magic era of the late sixties.

The exhibit will run from Friday November 29th to Friday December 20th. For the occasion MOVIE★INK. AMSTERDAM is not only open on the regular Saturday, but also on the Friday from noon to 6 PM. As so often more details will follow.

Hope to see you there!


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