Recent Acquisitions and webshop

LA FEMME ET LE PANTIN, French 16x24" poster 1959

Picked up a mixed bag recently of all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. Most of these posters I will put up for sale sooner or later, a few of them will stay in the personal fault like the wonderful Belgian poster for CROSSFIRE that shows both of my two favourite Roberts as well as the Japanese export poster for SPACE AMOEBA. We’re still having trouble setting up the webshop. Somehow it does not gel with the existing blogsite. Apologies for the lesser quality of the look of things and the ugly blocks above the posts, we hope to get it right quickly. In the meantime there will be a few more items for sale as the whole ordering thingy seems to work. If you haven’t been put off by the technocal glitzes, enjoy the slideshow.


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