Newsletter september: Ode to Sylvia Kristel in Utrecht and Cinglés du Cinema in Paris

Hi all,

just a quick line to let you know that MOVIE INK. is at the Paris fair Cinglés du Cinema from Friday September 27th until Sunday 29th. We had a great time last year, so we had to be there again. If you are there too be sure to email us your want-list. This time we will bring a selection of stills with/by STEVE McQUEEN, GONE WITH THE WIND, JOHN STURGES, STAR WARS, VINCENTE MINNELLI, TINTO BRAS and FELLINI. No problems with variety there. We plan also bringing quite a few lobby cards for the first time.

Unfortunately those dates collide with he Dutch Film Festival, especially the ODE TO SYLVIA KRISTEL. This well overdue tribute to one of the few truly international stars the Netherlands has produced takes place Saturday September 28. I was happy to be of some assistance to the organization of the tribute by providing images for the day itself  and for the accompanying booklet that is made. Still I’d like to make the point that somehow it seems impossible for institutions like the Dutch Filmfestival to honor people when they are actually alive enough to enjoy it.

Anyways, hope to see you in Paris and and if you are Dutch-speaking and have a bit of time on your hands watch Sylvia sing in NAAKT OVER DE SCHUTTING . Watch and listen by clicking HERE




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