MOVIE INK. has FILMKRANT press archive

Geez, did not realize it’s almost three months since my last post. No excuses, but it has been a bit hectic. MOVIE INK. has acquired the press archive of the FILMKRANT and that takes a lot of time and space. All in all we managed to transfer 17 filing cabinets from the fourth floor of a very tall building to the gallery. As from now there is no more storage space left. I was quite keen to acquire the archive, mainly for historic reasons. The Filmkrant was set up in 1981 by independent film adviser Jan Heijs who died a few years ago. He was one of the driving forces behind the distribution of independent film in the Netherlands and that is reflected in the archive. In later blog entries I will get into a bit more detail, but for the moment I’m refiling and re-archiving, not to mention remembering and rejoicing. I really like those small Hungarian press stills, the stenciled production notes for Wajda’s movies by Polski Film and the special presskits for the Berlin, Venice and Cannes festivals, not too mention some of the copy for really unknown films from all over the globe. I believe that some of this info will not survive the digital one-liner age and that paper archives like these will have some kind of cultural value in the future. There will be much more rejoicing, remembering etcetera to come – after some serious time spending I have now covered all titles starting up to “D”.

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