IMAGINARIUM of PSYCHOTIC WOMEN is closing soon, but not before a small competition is launched. The competition is simple enough. For the exhibit we have wrapped the gallery windows in old newspapers to create a peepshow effect. On those old newspapers we’ve mounted twelve stills. All you have to do is recognize the actresses and the films of those stills. It is not an easy task, but don’t worry. The winner is the one who manages the most right answers, you don’t need to get them all right. All the stills will be shown on Facebook marked COMPETITION CLUE #1 up to #12. They are all from movies in the book by Kier-La Janisse.

To enter all you need is to become a Facebook friend (ID Mo Vie-Ink) and send your answers by the Facebook email. To start off you’ll see CLUE #1 in this post below.

PRIZES depend on the right amount of answers, but the winner will at least receive a package consisting of posters, stills and a limited edition T-shirt.

The competition closes May 10th, so get your answers in before May 11th.

Happy hunting!

Wim from MOVIE INK.

Competition CLUE#1

Competition CLUE#1







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