Forward, with not forgetting…


West-Germany, 1976
41×60 offset
Produktionskollektiv Kreuzberg


UK, 1975
38×51 cm silkscreen
Women’s Posters Brighton

In these sombre autumnal days I need something more than my usual Vitamin C tablets to get me going. Reading papers and watching television in The Netherlands sure don’t help. Crisis sells and we are buying. What a mean spirited place this little country can be. “Bah, humbug!” I say. To lift my spirits I have uploaded a first batch of political posters from the Davidson-collection. Posters from the time I was a happy youngster, living in a completely different world where  “solidarity” at least was not a dirty word. This first upload is just a taster from the many rolls of paper lying in the basement waiting to be photographed. Featured are some important print collectives like ATELIER POPULAIRE, RED DRAGON and PADDINGTON PRINTSHOP as well as a few older items and some nice Dutch designs. I have added a few pics here, but for the full view you need to hit this link for an overview or this link for the slideshow. Enjoy!


France, 1974
61×72 cm phototype
Atelier Populaire Strasbourg

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  1. Please contact me as I’m interested by approximatively 10 of the posters you have put online today. (I’m on NS4GE forum as tastouzette)

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