R.I.P. Edwin Visser

Usually I don’t do this, but thought it only fitting to pause a moment and reflect about the sad news of the sudden death of Edwin Visser. I only met him once and I like to leave the eulogies to those who knew him well, for example here. In the one meeting we had, Edwin showed his colours as a passionate film lover and a true genre film maker. We talked about how hard it was in the Netherlands to make a feature, especially one that did not tread all the beaten paths. He liked movie posters a lot and as such we made some sort of a pact. I traded a poster he liked for a poster of SL8N8 and every other poster of every other feature he would make in the future. Unfortunately that is never to be. So sad, especially when he was close making his next genre movie NEW BLOOD. Best wishes to all who knew and loved him.



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