Serenity Now!

“She promised to follow him to the end of the earth. He promised to organize it!”

Just got back from the holidays. We spent a lovely time in London, Snowdonia, Cornwall and Brighton visiting new places and old friends. Thanks to Leslie, Mario, Rosalie and Erik of Booktunes. Unfortunately Booktunes has a bit of a hassle with the Lowlands festival in Holland using its name without any form of recognition or indeed willingness to talk about it in a civil manner. Just another sad example of how cultural events quickly forget their origins when growing into massive entertainment organizations. Got me quite worked up driving back to Amsterdam. Fortunately a miracle has happened between Utrecht and Amsterdam. The highway is enlarged to a five-lane, but the maximum speed is limited to a 100 km/hour. Really soothing to drive the last lap in the wide spaces with other friendly cars and without madmen transforming highways into race circuits. The best infrastructural change in a decade and I’m not being ironic. The real peace is at home though. The Davidson collection has been waiting patiently for me and I’ve already been submerged in stacks of old paper. Ah, the children of the press, what beautiful sights they give. Above an example of paper magic Serenity now!

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