STILL LIFE – the flipside side of glamour

Please don’t forget to attend the opening June 16th at 4 PM of STILL LIFE – the flipside of glamour. This new exhibit offers a few insights in the glamour period that is the fifties and early sixties when everything still was innocent, colourful, happy and sexist.

This light side of the period will be highlighted by how the movie industry liked to represent women in still photography.

VERONIQUE VENDELL, soon to appear in BARBARELLA, does dishes with a smile

One characteristis was the apparent need for family values, for a more uniform society with well defined roles for men and women. One of the best qualities of a human being was to be conformist, to be a regular ‘normal’ family member.  This point of view extended to glamour actresses as well. On the one hand actresses should be sexy, on the other hand wholesome, preferably a mother and a homemaker.

STILL LIFE explores a few angles of that flipside of glamour with themes like FAMILY TIES, HAPPY DAYS!, CUTE ENOUGH TO CUDDLE and A COOK IN THE KITCHEN. It’s not all gaiety though. CRASH CORNER (or STIL LEED in Dutch) forms the bridge between the good times and the bad times.

Those bad times form  the main focus of Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes who explore nostalgia-free and with healthy irony the darker sides of stardom.  Themes like NUCLEAR HOLIDAY, WHEN I’M 69 and CRY ME A RIVER describe their points of view best.

In a nut shell STILL LIFE combines old photos with video and drawings of new young talent.

We like it to be a carefree exhibit, nothing too serious, making and showing art should be fun. Of course we can’t do that without you.

Don’t miss the opening Saturday June 16th from 4 to 8 PM. Of course we’ll serve you a martini or cocktail, a soda or juice. You will also get our special Roger Connery card and will be able to purchase all the stuff your dreams are made of.

Wim from MOVIE INK.

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