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Somewhat reluctantly I’ve added a FOR SALE category. I did not want to combine general poster talk with sales pitches, but one of the purposes of the gallery is to sell stuff…..  As I don’t have the know-how to make a decent site designed for selling, I’ll try to stir some interest via this FOR SALE category. I’ll call the entries GALLERY FEATURES, so if you don’t want to be bothered by them, you don’t have to.

To start off I’ve put a few posters together so you get a taste of what you might find in MOVIE INK. Main aim is to show some of the different formats, languages, styles and prices I can surprise you with. For a bigger photograph just click the poster. At the bottom of this blog entry you’ll find some buying and shipping information.

First poster in the spotlights is the Spanish one-sheet poster for the 1972 release of BUTTERFIELD 8.

BUTTERFIELD 8 (1972, 69x100 cm, Spain) € 100,--

Easily the best poster for this title, designed by Spanish artist JANO. This is the movie that won ELIZABETH TAYLOR her Oscar. Poster is folded, but has little wear. CONDITION is VERY GOOD to FINE. PRICE: € 100,–

Next is this Italian fotobusta with a great headshot of JACK NICHOLSON from Roman Polanski’s masterpiece CHINATOWN.

CHINATOWN (1974, 26x18", ITA) € 40,--

Have some more fotobusta’s of this title would you be interested. This one has been folded vertically and has some border wear and some nicks. CONDITION: GOOD to VERY GOOD. PRICE: € 40,–

To show off the more bizarre and wonderful side of Asian posters this interesting and eery poster for the Shaw Brothers production of THE GHOST STORY aka GUI JIAO CHUN, directed by Li Han-Hsiang.

THE GHOST STORY aka GUI JIAO CHUN (1979, 20x30", Hong Kong) € 70,--

Poster is folded and has only the littlest of wear. CONDITION: FINE PRICE: € 70,–

Here’s an example of an Australian daybill poster I MET A MURDERER, a nice pre WW-II litho.

I MET A MURDERER (1939, 13x30", AUS) € 75,--

Great James Mason portrait. Poster has been folded and has some edge wear.  CONDITION: VERY GOOD. PRICE: € 75,–

A Japanese poster featuring stars ROCK HUDSON, ERNEST BORGNINE, JIM BROWN and PATRICK MACGOOHAN in the Cold War action drama ICE STATION ZEBRA directed by action man JOHN STURGES.

ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968, 20x28", Japan) € 75,--

Poster has some slight wrinkling and minor edge wear, but is unfolded. CONDITION: VERY GOOD to FINE. PRICE: € 75,–

Classic film noir pose of DICK POWELL and EVELYN KEYES for this 1956 reissue of ROBERT ROSSEN’s JOHNNY O’CLOCK.

JOHNNY O'CLOCK (1956, 27x41", US) € 225,--

Poster is linen-backed by Dario Casadei’s Vintage Movie Art in Vancouver (the best and nicest there is) and has received some minor expert restoration. Before linen-backing the poster had some very minor edge wear and was slightly wrinkled. If you like, I have a photograph of the poster prior to linen-backing. Email me.

One of the eye catchers in the gallery is this beautiful Italian quatro foglie poster in great shape featuring JEANNE MOREAU in LA MARIEE ETAIT EN NOIR aka THE BRIDE WORE BLACK finished by FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT in 1968.

MARIEE ETAIT EN NOIR aka THE BRIDE WORE BLACK (1968, 140x200 cm, ITA) € 300,--

Poster is printed in two sections and is in almost pristine condition. CONDITION: FINE PRICE: € 300,–

Hard to beat really, AUDREY HEPBURN and HUMPHREY BOGART together on one poster with the added bonus of WILLIAM HOLDEN. That’s what you get with SABRINA by Billy Wilder. Every gallery should have one. This is the more quirky of the two styles of half sheet that are around and is pretty hard to find.

SABRINA Style B (1954, 28x22", US) € 475,--

Poster is unfolded, but has some chips and small tears in the borders. There’s a larger 5″ tear in the middle of the bottom border, also a few smudges and some tape on the back to repair the small tears.

Polish posters are quite something else. A good example is this striking design by Polish artist Andrzej Pagowski for the classic THE SEVEN SAMURAI by Akira Kurosawa.

SEVEN SAMURAI aka SCHICHININ NO SAMURAI (1987, 67x97 cm, Poland) € 100,--

Year of the poster is 1987. It’s in great shape with only the tiniest of wear and is unfolded. CONDITION: FINE. PRICE: € 100,–

To finish this first virtual tour one of the best blaxploitation posters around TNT JACKSON featuring JEANNIE BELL as Diana “TNT” Jackson, “She’ll Put You In Traction”! Not only that, but she’s also A ONE MAMA MASSACRE SQUAD. An idea I like particularly as the gallery is opposite a children’s daycare centre.

TNT Jackson (1974, 27x41", USA) € 80,--

Poster is folded with minor wear. CONDITION: VERY GOOD to FINE. PRICE: € 80,–


If you are interested in a poster have questions or want to make me an offer, just email me at or use this blogsite. Keep in mind that the cost of shipping will be added to the price of the poster. Outside Europe these costs start at € 18,– for any package between 0 and 2 kg. It’s ridiculous I know, but it’s the cheapest option available. Packages between 0 and 2 kg inside Europe vary between € 9,– and € 12,–. These costs take care of Priority Shipping. Registered Shipping or Track and Trace will be extra.

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