Greetings From Hollywood (2)

Either WordPress does not allow multiple galleries in a single entry or I’m an even bigger computer illiterate than I thought. Anyway I wasn’t quite ready yet with all my new posters. Other favourites of mine were also included in the tube I received. Terry Gilliam and the Coen Brothers are certainly flawed geniuses. Some of their movies are simply brilliant. Other titles are generally considered to be suffering from some kind of indulgence and I really like directors who are not afraid to indulge in their personal taste or vision! I must admit that I never got into Gilliam’s  The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus (2009), but I loved his slow-paced, dreamlike Tideland (2005). The poster here is from the playful  The Adventures Of Munchausen (1988), which accentuated the bodily features of Uma Thurman as Venus. From the Coen Brothers I received the poster for the re-release of their cool début film Blood Simple in 2000 and the US onesheet for Burn After Reading. Last but not least I got a copy from Goodfellas from director Martin Scorsese who is my favorite living director. I think we can agree on genius here. I’ve just completed an article that will be published in the Filmjaarboek (Film Year Book) 2010-2011 on the master. I will publish the article in translation  on-line when the Filmjaarboek is released in June.

As I don’t want to put in another entry for other posters I received, I’ve added them to the Flawed geniuses-gallery. These are posters for interesting directors (Peter Jackson, Takeshi Miike), interesting movies and/or interesting designs.


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