Greetings From Hollywood (1)


This week I finally got my package from Hollywood. That’s Hollywood, Florida I should add. Alas I haven’t the necessary pull in Hollywood, California yet to fulfil my movie advertising campaign needs straight from the source. Since a short time I trade with a fellow poster collector. Modern posters are not really my bag and this poster addiction takes up enough of my time and money already.  This trade gets me some nice designs I would not otherwise get. As I’ve written earlier (  it’s a certain kind of  film directors that I particularly find interesting, mostly flawed geniuses, rebels without causes or just plain underachievers.

The last batch of posters from Hollywood represents a few of those. The posters above are all from John Waters movies. I certainly would like to classify him as a flawed almost-genius. Anyone who would pair beefcake Tab Hunter and transvestite Divine and introduce the smells scratch card (‘Odorama’) at the same time in Polyester (1981), surely comes close to genius. Cry-Baby was his biggest commercial success, catapulting Johnny Depp to A-list status.

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