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Although there’s a teeny-weeny chance I might extend my stay at the Palmdwarsstraat I’m making a move. As chances are slim amyways I had to find at least a place to store the collection and archive. I found something in the center of Amsterdam which makes it possible to do some trade albeit by appointment only. Alas for exhibits I have to explore other avenues. Leaving the Palmdwarsstraat means I have to cut short these activities for the moment.

Even worse news, CINE QUA NON in the Staalstraat is having its closing party today for the very worst reasons as my dear friend Eric is in seriously bad health. So Amsterdam has no movie paper showplaces anymore. And to make matters worse I heard the news that the ever helpful and boisterous Adrian Cowdry ended his own life.

Fortunately there’s joy even in the worst of times. I’ve been sweating on my second column on movie posters for the magazine SCHOKKEND NIEUWS – get your subscription here -. The first piece is published last month. I will post a translated version on the blog when the next issue of SN is on sale.

Next week Saturday September 17th it’s the London Film Convention at Westminster where I will show off part of my latest pleasure. My good friend, filmmaker and former journalist Thijs Ockersen visited in the early 1970’s the sets of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and DRACULA AD 1972 and took the opportunity to take some rare behind the scene photographs. More details on these events in a later post.

As it is now 45 years ago that DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was made I’ve selected 4 shots of Thijs’ negatives for an exclusive printing. The prints are 30×40 centimeter and individually handprinted by the awesome SILVER-HANDS, one of the last remaining maverick craftsmen. We make 10 sets of 4 prints that are signed by photographer Thijs Ockersen. I will have one set with me in London.

So, do yourself a favor and visit the MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM set-up at Westminster. Hope to see you there or maybe sometime somewhere else.


PS The still in the header of this post is an enlargement of a handheld mobile phone shot of a contact sheet. The deluxe set is extremely crisp and sharp I assure you.


Well it’s Billy really and he’s gone already. Gone to Terschelling for the 25 year anniversary of HEARTBREAK HOTEL. There will be music and much rejoicing with old friends, I’ll even blurt out a few songs myself. It’s gonna be something, so I’m not back before Monday.

Have a great weekend and never forget that:

Wim (once more Love Burning’ Billy, but for the weekend only)


This Sunday (June 19th) we will attend the fair at the Brussels Filmfestival in the Batiment Flagey at St. Croix Place. Here’s some more info. We will have our regular stuff of posters and stills. Join us if you are in the area! We will travel Saturday to pick up some of the atmosphere of the festival and Belgium’s match against Ireland. That means we will close up shop early at 4 PM this Saturday.


It was in the air for a while, but now it’s inescapable. MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM will have to close at the Palmdwarsstraat 40. After losing (apparently literally) a few million euros the Council of Amsterdam decided to reduce the deficit by selling property rented out to small creatives. I don’t want to be too spiteful here, but i have to say the procedure was shameful, leaving the tenants in the dark for as long as possible. In the end we were not given a decent chance to acquire the property ourselves not getting the opportunity for first or even equalizing bid. I put up a bid that was close to uncomfortable, but turned out to be chancenlos. There’s no stopping big money.

Anyway time to rethink and refocus, but first to relocate. I will be busy finding alternative space, but don’t expect to return soon with a set up similar to the current gallery. I don’t have a leave date yet, so MIA will stay open for a few months, but you will have to excuse me for not doing exhibits n the near future. Events have caused a lack of my usual vim and vigour.

Is this the end of Rico?





Ha, een post in Nederlands voor de verandering. Aangezien het alweer honderdenachttiende nummer van SCHOKKEND NIEUWS is gewijd aan posterkunst vindt de feestelijke lancering van het nummer plaats in MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM. En wel zaterdag 13 februari vanaf 14.00 uur.

Na een korte introductie van SN-hoofdredacteur Barend, geef ik een flashpresentatie (kort dus) over de kunst van (met name Italiaans) poster design. Voor de aankleding van de middag haal ik tijdelijk wat posters van de GODFATHERS OF MOVIE ART van de muur om wat ruimte te maken voor wat meer recente shock and awe ontwerpers in het kader van het Enzo Sciotti-interview in SN#118. Verwacht een gezellige filmborrel in een entourage van felle kleuren en goedkope symboliek.

Uiteraard kun je meteen losse nummers kopen van Schokkend Nieuws of abonnee worden en als je er toch bent, kun je meteen ook een originele filmposter of still kopen voor fantastische, griezelig lage of juist monsterlijke bedragen.

Oh ja, het is een borrel en daarom vragen we (in tegenstelling tot de reguliere openingen in MIA) een kleine bijdrage voor consumpties.

Tot zaterdag,




Passion de Jeanne d'Arc StBW*2 Passion de Jeanne d'Arc StBW*7Yes, both PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC stills shown here are stolen.  I’m just about to recover from the Cingles du Cinema fair in Argenteuil last weekend and the ensuing flu attack. All in all it was a smaller, but fine meet with lovely people.

I sold quite a lot of stills and posters to quite a lot of people. All good. Some people at the fair wonder why I meticulously write up any sale of any poster or still including any production code or distinguishing mark. I do that of course because I’m first and foremost a collector and I keep a digital archive next to the actual stuff. Without writing it up, the digital and real archive won’t match. This of course takes a lot of time and when you are still living the “Flu-da Loca” frankly it’s a bitch. So when I first found out something was amiss, I checked several times if i had made a mistake or mislaid a few items.

Alas no, someone at the fair abused my trust and the trust of any seller to swipe at least these stills – I have to check my other more rare stills and don’t look forward to do that-. These stills for Dreyer’s PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC are rare, so they should arrest attention. Needless to say they are some of the best shots of the title in my collection.I post them here in full 300 dpi so you can really see the details. Please let me know if you come across them. Dear swiper, in the event that you mistakenly slipped them with your rightful gotten pile or indeed took them because you could not contain yourself and now feel bad about it, please send them anonymously to MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM, Palmdwarsstraat 40, 1015 HV Amsterdam. Those who attend the fair know that I like to take with me and show rare objects. Please don’t let me loose trust, so I still feel happy to do so in the future.




I love old movies. However talking with friends about old movies I find myself in discussions on the Ferrari in Risky Business or the DeLorean in Back to the Future. Come on people, I’m talking about old movies, not yesterday’s fare. It’s lonely sometimes, sniff. Who for example has heard of LE CHAPEAU DE PAILLE D’ITALIE aka THE HORSE ATE THE HAT or THE ITALIAN STRAW HAT? Not many. To be perfectly honest, until a few weeks ago I knew of the film and I knew that it was a rather famous movie in its time made by an “important” director Rene Clair, but I had never actually seen it.

I guess that’s the reason why it took some time to realize that the rather interesting little pile of old stills I found from the same source of an earlier were all from the same movie. Ed Pelster struck again! (check out the PASSION post for this story) I could not find a copy quickly enough, so I decided to watch the version on youtube you can see at the bottom of this post. THE ITALIAN STRAW HAT is a wonderful movie with great timing with a few but great surreal scenes that enhances the simple but beautiful narrative. I love the scene where the hero ALBERT PREJEAN recounts his woes to the cuckolded husband in the form of a stageplay in the film. Now don’t take my word for it, here’s a review from cinemalane that is pretty near the mark and here’s another one from early&silentfilm. One word of warning, of course you can watch the version on Youtube, but that is not one of great quality and only runs 88 minutes or so. Leave the DVD as well and go straight to the 110 minute blu-ray that is reviewed HERE. It’s well worth it.

Now to the stills. They are on sturdy stock and measure approximately 12×9 inches. THE ITALIAN STRAW HAT was released  January 13th 1928 in France. The film was released a year later (January 18th 1929) in The Netherlands through the newly established CENTRAAL BUREAU VOOR LIGAFILMS, yet another Ed Pelster company. CinemaContext -that invaluable tool- registers six showings, the last February 1st 1929. Then the run apparently stopped. I am happy to report that this movie got an 18 Years or older certificate from the censor due to “marital infidelity shown” December 10th 1929. Though I haven’t found more evidence for that assumption the run of the movie was probably cut short through moral complaints and/or lack of public attendance. It appears the film was then later brought to the censor for showings in early 1930 notably in De Uitkijk, the residence of the FILMLIGA. The movie fitted well in the believes and preferences of that group as it was produced by FILMS ALBATROS a company of huge importance for the wave of French impressionism with its talent mix of Russian refugees and young French avant-gardists.  All stills have the FILMS ALBATROS logo in the bottom right corner and the censor stamp in the right top corner, so at least they were used for the 1930 release. They are approximately 12×9 inches on sturdy paper. They are in pretty good shape with only a few pinholes in the corners, obviously not used much due to the short runs of the movie and the fact that Ed Pelster kept a pretty close watch on his wares. You never know if you can use them again… If anything, he had a meticulous sense of thrift. Good for him and good for me! They are gorgeous.






It’s not often that you stumble upon something really rare and exciting, but lately I can’t complain. After the exciting search to the origins of a set of rare stills for the PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC you can read again HERE, I found recently another exciting set of silent stills, this time for Rene Clair’s A HORSE ATE A HAT. I will add another post about these in a few days.

Today though I have something really special. I’m sad to say that it’s not mine as I don’t have the funds for something like that. However I have it in consignment. It’s a rare one-of-a-kind poster, a Romanian poster for the Universal silent classic THE MAN WHO LAUGHS starring CONRAD VEIDT and directed by Paul Leni. I have never seen a copy before.

The poster is designed by Hungarian artist Imre Földes. Imagine that! a silent horror classic poster designed by a real Transsylvanian. It’s for sale of course and I would urge any interesting party to contact me through this site. Please bear in mind that I have to communicate with the consignor first before I can seal any deal. The poster has a few moisture spots at the bottom, some misfolding, a tear repaired with tape on the back, some tearing middle top repaired with tape on back, the usual fold wear and is (rather haphazardly) trimmed at the folds without damaging the image. It measures 79 x 112,5 centimeters. I made a few quick snapshots with my iPhone, better shots are in the works.



The GODFATHERS OF MOVIE ART exhibit, by popular demand gets a refreshed extended run early 2016 with a change of some of the posters. The new refreshed exhibit will run until March 6th, so more time to acquaint yourself with the work of Italy’s greatest designers.

However it’s time again as well for the biggest movie poster fair in Europe, the CINGLES DU CINEMA in Argenteuil. This year it’s held on the 29th and 30th of January. MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM is closed on these dates.

Other exciting news is that MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM will host the launch of the next edition of SCHOKKEND NIEUWS. Number #118 is a special poster edition with articles on NICOLAS WINDING REFN’s poster book The Act Of Seeing and interviews with designers GILLES VRANCKX (Mondo, Mondo Macabro, Death Waltz Records, Arrow) and ENZO SCIOTTI who really does not need any introduction.

The launch will take place Saturday February 13th from 2 PM. For this occasion the Godfathers exhibit will be taken down shortly and replaced with work of ENZO SCIOTTI and a few designers one or two generations his senior RENATO CASARO and SANDRO SYMEONI. That surely should take care enough of a shock wow factor for the launch. Time for the SIX SHEET of MORIRAI A MEZZANOTTE aka MIDNIGHT KILLER!

More information on Facebook!





MEET YOUR FIXER! One day exhibit in BRAKKE GROND Saturday 19th 2015

The organizers of MEET YOUR MAKER asked MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM to dress the event for the day with a small exhibit. Of course I said yes as there is no space MIA won’t fill with posters given half a chance. It’s gonna be a challenge as I only have two hours and two very unforgiving walls to work with that are rock hard with a meter high acoustic panel smack in the middle.

MEET YOUR MAKER is an event to promote the Dutch and Belgian genre-scene organized by Schokkend Nieuws magazine and the Brussels Off Screen Film Fest. Come along, entry fee is 16 euro for the entire day, 10 for the evening programme. Click here for more info.

MOVIE INK. AMSTERDAM is also at the event with a table full of genre posters and stills. There will be plenty stuff to fix your collecting needs. If you have acute collecting needs to be fulfilled before Christmas, email me or message through Facebook (MOVIE INK.) as I’m not able to take too much anti-depressants with me this time. I have a few high-end delicacies with me, but also some cheaper stuff like Belgian and fotobusta posters. For the total down and outs and gutterati there’s also the box of eurotrash and Tiroler porn.

Hope to meet you there!

Oh and before I forget. As I can’t be in two places at the same time, the gallery has limited opening hours Saturday 19th. I won’t be there, but between 2 to 5 PM Number One Son will take care of you.

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